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Whether you need to tow a large pickup truck or station wagon or a small coupé or motorcycle and whether the vehicle that needs towing is in complete shambles or it is not so clear why it ceased to work, for your own safety and the safety of people around you and, it is important to call a professional and well experienced wrecker service.

The following article will explain the importance of calling a good towing service as soon as possible, list the many benefits you will enjoy by doing so and assist you in finding such a service.


Towing a junk car

Faulty vehicles that break down often and vehicles that are simply out of order and cannot be used anymore are not easy to get rid of.

The amount of people willing to buy such a car is quite small to begin with and when you combine this with the fact that many of these vehicle owners have lost the title of ownership over the years it is quite easy to see why such a great percentage of these cars are eventually abandoned on a side of a road, in a parking lot or just parked in the backyard to accumulate dust and rust.

However, when it comes to the removal of such dust cars it is important to act fast for several reasons:



Even if the car was abandoned many years ago, using the car’s vin number, it is not very difficult to trace the information of the previous owner.

In many areas, parking a car for an extensive period of time is simply illegal, and receiving a fine is inevitable.

No matter if the fine is extremely low or outrageously high, over a period of many days, months and even years, this abandoned car will eventually sum up to an extensive amount that will leave a serious toll on your economic state. To avoid such troubles, call a wrecker service as soon as you can.



No matter if the junk car is parked on the side of an abandon dusty road or in your own private back yard, sooner or later someone will come across it.

When this happens, the risk of injury is always a possibility. This is especially true when young children are involved due to their tendency to view their surroundings as an endless playground.

When getting a scratch or a bruise from an old, dusty, rusty vehicle, there is risk of a bacterial infection.

This is why it is important to call a wrecker service as soon as possible, for the safety of your loved ones and the people around you.



An old junk car is usually not a pretty sight and even the most well maintained street or backyard will look a bit sketchy when such an eyesore is parked in it.

Furthermore, many crime experts explain that leaving such hazards unattended might cause a deterioration in the state of the neighborhood and eventually even encourage criminal activity.

This is clearly a very serious matter that concerns the well being of many people and so it is best not to waste time and call a wrecker service instantly.


Towing a stuck vehicle

Sometimes cars that seem in perfect condition stop working for no apparent reason.

Sadly, this often tends to happen in the worst possible moment, when you have an important presentation at work, when you are late to an important job interview or when you need to catch a train or a flight.

A quality wrecker service will be able to assist you in such awful situations.

For example, located in the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County areas, 954 JunkCar will send an experienced staff member that will in many cases know how to fix the problem on the spot and send you back on your way in no time.

In the cases where repairing the vehicle on the spot is not possible, your vehicle will be towed to an auto repair shop of your choice or any other location you prefer.


Towing a car after an accident

Car collusions are by all means stressful events, and even after they are finished there is always a possibility that things will deuterate for the worse if the situation is not handled correctly.

After a car collusion it is important to evacuate all the car wrecks in the scene of the event. Not doing so can result in an even worse car crash, involving multiple vehicles.

This is why law enforcement officials, work with professional companies that are well known for there quick respond and their ability to evacuate car wrecks in a safe manner.

In the area of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County area for example, the various police departments use the professional services of 954 JunkCar and many private individuals in the area know that when in need of a professional wrecker service in the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County areas, 954 JunkCar is the company to call.

Calling a company that provides professional wrecker services is a matter of convince, as well as safety.

This is why over the last 15 years, 954 JunkCar has earned a reputation of a company that provides professional quality service and is the first preference of many companies and people in the area of Fort Lauderdale and the area of Broward County.

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