Towing company near me

If you live in the southeastern part of Florida or you just came to area of Fort Lauderdale on vacation, many people know thar when it comes to quality towing services in the area of Broward County, 954 JunkCar are the experts that will be able to help you out in the best possible manner.


What does a good towing company have to offer?

Whether you are residents of the wonderful Broward County who enjoy what the county has to offer all year round or you just came to the area of Fort Lauderdale on vacation to enjoy the sea, the sun and the wonderful views, every once in a while, all of us might find themselves in a situation were calling a towing truck is a necessity.

In such difficult times it is important to keep in mind that choosing an unprofessional towing company may cause you unnecessary hassle and distress and even cost you extra money. In order to avoid any further inconvenience and trouble it is important to know that when choosing a professional towing company make sure to choose one who can offer:


Free quote

As consumers of towing services, you have the right to know the exact cost of the service before you decide whether you want to hire the services of a particular company. The Floridian towing company 954 JunckCar for example, offers her clients free quotes in advance, all the client needs to do is pick up the phone and call or simply fill out an online form.


Heavy duty as well as light duty tow trucks

Companies who do not provide both heavy duty and light duty towing, will not always be able to advice you correctly about the kind of service you need. This means you will end up paying too much for a heavy duty towing truck you do not actually need or risk damaging your car by using the services of a light weight towing truck when you really need a light weight towing truck.


Professional staff

for example, the professional staff of 954 JunkCar will be able to determine whether you need a light duty towing truck or a heavy duty towing truck to evacuate your car. In addition, the professional staff of 954 JunkCar will be able to determine if your car needs to be towed to a professional auto repair workshop or can be simply fixed on the spot.

In some cases, the vehicle simply needs a jumpstart, a tire change or a gas refill and a professional towing service representative will be able to assist immediately and save you valuable time and money.


Towing near me – Why does quality matter?

Sometimes, you might find a towing company just around the corner from were your car broke down. Though it might be tempting to call it you should not choose a towing company based on its proximity to you alone. Instead, you should take a moment and consider whether the towing company in question is a company that offers:


High availability

No one can predict when he will need car towing services, and quite often cars might break in the most inconvenient moments, on holiday or in the middle of the night. For this reason it is important to have the contact information of a good towing service which is highly available. 954 JunkCar are available to their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round.


Fast response

Under the hot Florida sun, waiting for the towing truck to arrive can be especially hard. In addition, in some cases extensive waiting times for towing services can actually be dangerous and cause accidents. Being aware of the inconvenience of waiting for a towing service outside and the potential dangers caused by cars that were not evacuated fast enough, 954 JunkCar is well known for its fast attentive service and quick timely response.


Excellent service

Over the past 15 years, many satisfied customers across the area of Fort Lauderdale and throughout all of Broward County have enjoyed the services 954 JunkCar. The reason for this lay in the fact that 954 JunkCar considers the client satisfaction as of utmost importance. Many of the clients who used the services of 954 JunkCar before, choose to use them time and time again when in need of towing services. Among the many satisfied clients of 954 JunkCar there are law enforcement officials, mangers of big shopping centers, office buildings, condominium communities and private individuals, both local and from other states.


In conclusion, if you are wondering where I might find a towing company near me, remember that although there are many towing companies throughout Florida and particularly in the area of Broward County and the area of Fort Lauderdale, it is very important to take a moment and carefully choose a professional towing service such as 954 JunkCar, who can offer the best quality of towing services and can save you both money and time.

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