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Vehicles are among the most useful, complex, and expensive items available in the free market. As such, those items are in high demand, and when there is a dispute between two parties, vehicles often play a major role in these conflicts. The good news is the Repo Service can help here. Today some companies specialize in retrieving unlawfully possessed vehicles.

If you wish to know in which cases such a service can be used and how does the repossession process work the following article will inform you about the most important things to know about repo services.


When should you consider using a repo service?

There are many occasions in which using a repo service is a good idea.

Among the most common reasons for using such a service it is worth mentioning  cases where:


Customers of a leasing company missed payments

Nowadays, many people decide to lease vehicles instead of purchasing them.

In such cases, people who leased cars, motorcycles, or even boats, are bound by contract to make monthly payments for them.

Certain people might stop transferring those mandatory payments for various reasons. In such a case the leasing company can use the service of a repossession company to receive their property back.


Money borrowers failed to pay back a loan

Not only leasing companies use the services of repo agencies.

When borrowing money, vehicles are often used as collateral for a loan, and if the payments are not paid back according to the schedule listed in the terms of the loan the car can be confiscated.


Employers that did not receive a car back from their previous employee

In some fields of work finding skilled, suitable employees is a challenging task.

In order to attract good workers, many employers offer several different benefits: high salaries, flexible working hours, and in many cases, a company car at their disposal.

If a former employee refuses to return the car a repo service can help the company to get their car back.


The vehicle is held by a former spouse

Many people who went through a difficult breakup or divorce come across the challenge of receiving all their possessions back.

Even after all the final details are settled in the court of law a reluctant former spouse might not comply with a court order.

Using a repossession service can help obtain the car back in a discreet, conflict free manner.


A family member, a friend, or a neighbor never returned a vehicle that was lent to them

As an act of goodwill, some people might lend their car to a family member, a good friend, or a neighbor in need of assistance.

Most of the time the grateful neighbor, friend, or relative will bring the vehicle back as soon as they finish using it.

However, every once in a while, someone might try to take advantage of the situation and will not return the vehicle they borrowed. This problem can be easily solved by hiring a repo service agency.


How does the repossession process work?

The process can be split into two parts, what you need to do, which luckily is not much, and what we need to do.


What do you need to do?

Contact us

our staff is available around the clock, all year round. All you need to do is call us or fill an online form and a representative on our behalf will reach out to you.


File a request

File an official request, send in a copy of a title of ownership, and other relevant paperwork and information that may assist the repossession of the vehicle.


What we need to do

Locate the vehicles

Most of the time the initial information provided in the repo request is enough to locate the vehicle in question.

However, sometimes people who suspect the vehicle they are using might be repossessed might try to hide the car.

In order to prevent this, it is best not to give them any reason to believe a repossession company might confiscate the car.

Nonetheless, if they do find out and try to hide the vehicle our team is skilled in handling such scenarios.


Retrieve the vehicles

Once the car is located and the identification numbers are compared and verified the vehicle can be retrieved.

Some of you might wonder how the repossession of large heavy vehicles is done without using spare keys. The vehicles are in fact towed away with special towing equipment designed especially for the purpose of repossessing various vehicles.

The towing equipment used to repossess these vehicles are often concealed, and so the towing truck looks like any other regular truck.

Many times, the driver can hook the car and tow it without ever having to step out of their vehicle.

The towing mechanism on such vehicles is also extremely quiet and does not attract any unwanted attention.

This special towing equipment guarantee that the entire process of hooking the vehicle and towing it away can be done in a matter of seconds, without making noise or damaging the towed car.


Store the vehicles

Once the vehicle is in our possession, we tow it to our storage lot.

Our storage lots are designed to securely store various kinds of vehicles: motorcycles, boats, trucks, station wagons, trailers, and of course – private cars.

After the vehicle is securely parked in our lots, we notify the police about the repossession that took place. At this point are free to come by and take your vehicle back and do with it as you please.

Losing possession of a vehicle you own or not receiving back money you lent are not minor issues.

These kinds of things can cause a great deal of trouble and discomfort to the loaning side. Repo services hold all the skills and knowledge needed to face these problems and provide the best solutions.

If you are dealing with such challenges all you need to do is contact us and we will make sure you will receive your vehicle back.

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