Heavy Duty Towing

Most of us are familiar with light duty towing, however, light duty towing is quite different than heavy duty towing and some of the differences between heavy duty towing and light duty towing can be rather crucial.


Since towing a car can be a stressful and tiring experience many of us would try to avoid this tedious at all cost. Unfortunately, in some cases we simply have no choice, and calling a towing service to tow our vehicle to the repair shop or to tow our car to our car to our new home is a task we must face.

luckily, in many cases, using a heavy duty towing service can help significantly. In order to enjoy the benefits of heavy duty towing, it is important to know that understanding the various differences between light duty towing and heavy duty towing can help turn the project of towing a vehicle in to a simple errand that can be executed quite easily.

If you wish to learn these differences and make your responsibilities a whole lot easier, join us and read the following segments where we will break down these two distinct towing services, the different types of tow trucks used for each service, and in which cases each kind of towing service is most compatible.


Light Duty Towing

When it comes to hiring a light duty towing service, it is rather common to find towing services who use a standard tow truck to get the job done.

These cases usually include:

  • Removing abandoned vehicles
  • Evacuating vehicles parked on private property
  • Clearing away car remains from accident locations


As the type of the towing truck and the professional skills of the driver operating the towing truck, need to be compatible and match the type of the vehicle, light duty towing trucks are used in cases where the car that needs to be evacuated and towed away is usually quite small.

These cars that can be located on smaller side of the spectrum when compared to most vehicles, are vehicles that are typically used in urban areas such as smaller sedans, coupe models and other small and light weight vehicles.


The risks of using a light duty towing service

Using a light duty towing service on a large or even average sized car might come along with a few disadvantages and potential risks:


Light duty towing can be wasteful

There are different types of trucks that are used in light towing services, these trucks are usually lighter and more efficient to drive. But when the car in question is not particularly small, evacuating the vehicle with a light duty towing truck can end up being wasteful, taking a great deal of extra time and other valuable resources.


Light duty towing can damage the towed vehicle

it is important to remember that using an incompatible towing service on your car can end up causing actual damage to your vehicle. This damage might be purely aesthetic, like chipped paint, small dents, or scratches. In other cases, this damage might require you to spend extra money on repairing the car, making the option of light weight towing unworthy.


Tow a large or heavy vehicle

In order to tow a large or heavy vehicle, it is necessary to use a substantially larger truck to execute the tow properly.

Two features will determine if a towing truck is powerful enough to safely tow away your vehicle, the torque and horsepower.

The amount of torque and horsepower determine whether the towing truck is able to pull the vehicle and drive away while pulling.

In order to securely tow heavier and larger cars a truck with massive horsepower and torque should be used.

Such powerful tow trucks usually come with special features to help them operate in high capacity and successfully tow large vehicles. These features include:

  • A quality 25-ton boom lift
  • A powerful winch
  • A wheel lift with a capacity of up to 6-ton


Though some people might claim that it is possible to tow certain types of vehicles with smaller tow trucks, it is important to remember that using such towing truck on most average sized vehicles might damage your vehicle and cost you money and time.

For this reason, the use of heavy duty trucks is the best choice for people who wish to avoid unnecessary problems. Furthermore, since these trucks were designed to be used and handle the largest, heaviest loads, these trucks can handle any towing job that comes in their way.


How to choose the Right type of Tow Truck

All across the united states many types of heavy duty towing trucks can be found. Even if two of these towing trucks were manufactured in the same year and are the exact same model, there are many additional features that need to be taken in to account to determine if this particular towing car is compatible for your needs.

This is why the best thing to do is to call an experienced towing service that holds many types of towing truck and will be able to provide you with the perfect towing service that will match your needs while saving you money and time.

In Florida for example, 954 JunkCar has been providing high quality towing services for over 15 years. Many satisfies customers from the area of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, have been using the excellent service of 954 JunkCar time and time again.

The reason for 954 JunkCar success lays in the fact that customers both from the private sector, such as private individuals, and from the public sector, such as law enforcement officials, know that 954 JunkCar does both heavy duty and light duty towing and helps their customer to choose the most compatible service.

For more information about heavy duty towing and light duty towing call 954 JunkCar at any time, day or night, and a professional representative will help you find the best kind of towing service and provide you with a free quote.

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