Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing trucks use one of the most powerful principles of physics to tow stuck, wrecked or temporary out of order vehicles. If you want to understand what exactly are flatbed towing trucks, what are they used for and can this service assist you.

The following article will provide you with all the important things you need to know when it comes to hiring flatbed towing trucks services.


The hidden force of flatbed towing trucks

Flatbed towing trucks operate using hydraulic systems. This means that integrated into the structure of the truck are cylinders containing pistons and some sort of fluid substance such as oil.

This special structure enables flatbed towing trucks to lift a vast amount of weight, making them extremely powerful towing trucks that are in constant high demand.


Why should you hire a flatbed towing truck service?

Because flatbed towing trucks are so powerful, many people are not sure when should they consider using the services of a flatbed towing truck company and when it is alright to settle on a normal towing truck they got used to using over the years.

In order to make the best decision and hire a towing truck that best suites you and your specific needs, consider the following matters:



When it comes to transporting vehicles, using a flatbed tow truck is probably the safest option available in the market today. When towing a car with a flatbed truck, the towed vehicle is strapped and firmly secured to the flatbed, and so there is minimal risk to other vehicles driving nearby and pedestrians.



Some vehicles can simply not be towed with a regular towing truck.

Flatbed towing truck can tow most kinds of vehicles including motorcycles, private cars, trucks and so on.

In addition, some models of cars that can usually get towed by using a regular truck, can no longer be towed after being badly wrecked or misshapen in a car accident or lowered to a degree that towing them in a regular manner will damage their underside.


Preventing damage to your car

If you want to make sure there is minimal risk of your vehicle being damaged while being towed, be sure to use a flatbed towing truck.

When towing a car with a flatbed towing truck, the car is completely off the road, the wheels will not touch the ground and ware down, which is especially important when towing the car over a long distance.

If for example you want to transfer your car to a different state, using a flatbed towing truck is best way to go.

On top of that, when towing a car the standard method using a hook, crossing road bumps in a high speed will probably cause damage to the bumper of your vehicle.

All these damages are even more problematic when the car in question is especially expensive, making repairing any damage a costly matter, or rare meaning repair will not always be possible.


Save time

Towing a vehicle with a tow truck using a hook and a chain requires extra steps in order to prevent damage to the towed car. When using the services of a flatbed towing truck, loading the car to the flatbed and strapping it on can be done in a fast and fairly easy manner, saving you valuable time.


Flatbed towing truck services in Fort Lauderdale & Broward County areas

If you are wondering where you can find an excellent flatbed towing truck service in the area of Fort Lauderdale or in the area of Broward County seek no further.

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For this reason, if you live in the area of Fort Lauderdale or in the area of Broward County and are not sure whether you should tow your vehicle with a flatbed towing truck or merely use a tow truck that will tow your car with a chain and a hook, pickup the phone and call 954 JunkCar towing services now.

954 junkCar’s experienced staff will be happy to assist you, hear all your concerns and needs and help you reach the best solution and service for you.

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