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Nobody ever wants to need a towing service, but when we get stranded on the side of the road in an ungodly hour, it is good to have a phone number of a professional reliant 24 hour towing company that will be able to assist you get out of this stressful situation.

We at 954 JunkCar have over 15 years of experience in addressing such emergencies. The following article will explain the importance of using a quality 24 hours towing service.


Why using a 24 hour towing company can be crucial?

On the roadside there are many dangers and risks that can harm you, your property, and your loved ones. From this reason, as soon as you experience car problems that prevent you from finishing your drive safely, it is extremely important you contact a 24 hours towing company as fast as you can. Calling a reliable professional 24 hour towing company might prevent all kinds of dangerous situations.


The dangers, risks and possible problems that might occur while stuck on the side of the road

If you are wondering what kinds of problems, risks and dangers you might encounter while stuck with your vehicle on the side of the road, in the following segment we will describe the three main causes to such problems and risks:


Risks due to car collusions

We all Know that car accidents can be extremely dangerous, but not many know that by stopping the car on the side of the road you did not leave the risk of being involved in such a collusion behind you. Even in wide open areas, weary car drivers might steer their vehicle of the road and crash into you.

These kinds of accidents are often the cause of traffic jams which cause a great deal of discomfort to many drivers all across the country and waste a lot of time and money. An experienced towing service like 954 JunkCar, is aware of this risk and provides a fast response at any time of the day.

Besides the risks of traffic jams, such collusions can develop into a multiple vehicle collision. These might end up in merely property damages to the vehicles involved but sadly, many times the consequences are much more serious than that.

Many of these car collision cause injuries to the passengers and drivers involved. Some of those injuries are extremely severe and can cause long lasting, life changing damages. In other cases, these injuries can be fatal. The fact that many of these accidents could have been prevented by calling a quality towing service makes this matter all the more frustrating.


Risks during dangerous whether

Getting stuck on the side of the road in the blistering heat of the summer or in a blazing storm during the winter is clearly a bad situation. But this scenario is bad not just because of the inconvenience it causes to the driver and the passengers, it can be extremely dangerous and put many people at risk.

In certain whether, the risk of getting hit by a bypassing car is higher. For example, if the bypassing drivers cannot get a clear view of the car due to fog or heavy rain or if during a flood or heavy rain one of the bypassing vehicles loses traction on the road, slips, and hits your car.

If you and your passengers got out of the car in time this accident might result in some car damages. In other cases, such an accident might lead to sever and even fatal injuries, to you, your passengers, and the other driver.

In addition, extremely hot or cold weather can put your health at risk. In the summer you and your passengers risk dehydration and heat stroke. In cooled whether there is always the risk of hypothermia and when stranded in an open space during a storm, the metal in the vehicle might act as a lightning rod and endanger you and your passengers. All these risks can be avoided by calling a responsible attentive towing service.


Risks from getting help from other drivers

When you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, tired, and eager to get home as soon as possible, it might be extremely tempting to reach out and ask for assistance from a bypassing driver. However, it is best to avoid this notion, since a great deal of things can go wrong.

All though to many of us the risk of getting kidnapped or attacked, might seem very unlikely, the truth is that these things do tend to happen in real life. So even if you feel certain that this kind of violence only happens on tv, it is best to play it safe and avoid testing your theory.

Another thing to consider is that even if you do encounter a friendly stranger willing to assist you, sometimes help from someone inexperienced might cause your vehicle additional damage and end up costing you way more then what you would have paid to a professional towing service.


Why 954 JunkCar are the professionals you need to call 24/7?

As you might saw in the previous segments, we at 954 JunkCar thoroughly understand the serious implications of a slow response time, and so we are always prepared to respond in the fastest way possible.

We are extremely experienced in safe evacuations of vehicles and know how to prevent any unnecessary damage. We use excellent equipment thus ensuring that your car will be evacuated in a quick and safe manner.

If you have any concern or hesitations regarding the evacuation of your vehicle do not hesitate, reach out to us and our excellent attentive staff will provide you with all the answers you might need.

Now that you know why it is so important to receive towing services from an experienced 24 hour towing company, the next time your car breaks down do not wate time, contact 954 JunkCar professional towing services and get car towed in a quick, safe and easy manner.  

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