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At 954 JunkCar you can sell junk car for cash. We buy your used, broken down, damaged, and old cars and pay you cash on the spot. If you have ever wondered, “What am I going to do about selling my junk cars?” then 954 JunkCar is your answer.

We take all makes and models in any condition. We serve all of Broward County including Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Pompano Beach, Cooper City, and more.


Why selling your old junk car is the best thing to do all around?

Selling your junk vehicles is good for the environment, good for us, and most of all, good for you.


Why is selling your old junk vehicle good for you?

Having an old junk car can cost you a great deal of money. In addition to potential money lose, having a junk vehicle can waste a lot of your time and effort.

The good news is that by contacting 954 JunkCar, either by the phone or online, you can avoid these unwanted burdens and earn a large amount of money in cash.


No hassle – getting rid of your car in a quick and easy manner

Selling a car is a long complex process that contains many steps. First, you need to advertise the vehicles on social media, newspapers, and billboards.

People will call and ask questions and you will have to take the time to answer them. If they will want to see the car you will need to find the time and schedule a meeting – this can happen multiple times before you find an interested buyer.

The actual process of selling the car and transferring the ownership can also take time and so could the payment itself. If for example there are checks that need to be cashed.

This lengthy process is even more complicated and tiring if the vehicle in question is damaged.

Even if the car is only slightly damaged, if it is left unused and unattended it might not be drivable after a few weeks. To avoid such problems, it is best to get rid of the car as soon as possible and the easiest way to do so is by 954 JunkCar.

With 954 JunkCar, getting rid of your old junk vehicle is easy, fast, and convenient.

The entire process is can be completed in just four effortless steps:


Step 1: Contact 954 JunkCar

You can reach 954 JunkCar through a phone call or alternatively you can fill up an online form and our representative will reach out to you shortly.


Step 2: Get a quote on your old junk car

You will get an offer based on the market value of your vehicle.


Step 3: Arrange a pickup

954 JunkCar is available around the clock all year round and so scheduling a pickup that suits your prior plans is comfortable and very easy, just name the time and preferred location.

It is also possible to set up a pickup at a short notice and 954 JunkCar representatives will be there in a short while.


Step 4: Get paid instantly

Instead of wasting time and effort trying to sell a junk car and instead of losing money as the car’s value decreases you can get a large amount of money, in cash, on the spot.


No wasting money trying to fix an old junk car

In many cases, trying to repair an old unreliable car is not a good idea.

Many of these old cars have a tendency to break down and you might find yourself visiting repair mechanics on a regular basis, spending increasing amounts of money.

In other cases, repairing the malfunctioning vehicle is simply not possible. In some older models of certain vehicles, suitable replacement parts are quite unattainable.

Not knowing what to do, owners of such old junk cars often leave them parked outside as they try to decide what to do.

Many of those cars are eventually forgotten, reported to authorities by concerned by-passers, and get evacuated. As a result, the owners lose a substantial amount of money they could have received by calling 954 JunkCar.


What do we get out of buying your old vehicle?

If you ever wondered why would someone want to buy an old junk vehicle and what can possibly be done with an old car, trailer truck, or motorcycle that is damaged well beyond repair? The answer is quite simple, there are three main ways old undrivable vehicles can be used:



some materials can be used again for instance the metal can be separated from these old junk vehicles and used to manufacture all sorts of new commodities.



the vehicle can be taken apart and parts that are in good mechanical condition can be used as replacement parts to repair other vehicles.



the frame of the car can be a decorative piece used to build different kinds of furniture.


How does selling your junk car help you improve your quality of life

If you want a higher life quality for you and your loved ones it is important to maintain a clean, tidy environment.

Junk cars in your surroundings are not only a terrible eye sour but can also be a dangerous hazard, at risk of catching fire or injure young children playing nearby. Luckily, getting rid of these unwanted junk cars is simple and fast, just call 954 JunkCar or fill an online form and help will be on the way.

Junk cars are a headache for you, but not for us! We can sell damaged cars to a salvage company for parts or scrap metal or even offer the salvaged car for sale.

Let us take the hassle out of getting rid of your old car!

So, if you want to enjoy:

  • Free online or phone quotes based on the current market value of your car
  • Same day, free pick-up
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Cash on the spot


Then all you need to contact 954-JunkCar.

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