Roadside Assistance in Fort Lauderdale 

Having your vehicle break down in the middle of the road is not a pleasant experience, especially since usually these unfortunate mishaps tend to occur in the worst possible moment. For such scenarios it is important to have the number of a professional roadside assistance service. Need Roadside Assistance in Fort Lauderdale area? Call us now.

If you wish to know in which situations a roadside assistance service will be able to help you out, what kind of roadside assistance service it is best to call and how to avoid wasting crucial time, keep on reading and find out all there is to know.


Why call a roadside assistance service and not a towing company?

Many people think that if their car stopped running during a drive it is best to contact a towing company immediately and tow their car straight to a licensed garage.

These people tend to think that examining, detecting, and repairing vehicles malfunctions is possible only in a licensed automobile repair shop. This perception, however, is not always true and in many cases, towing the car to a garage can be an excessive act.

In many cases calling a roadside assistance company will yield much better results. Such a company will send an experienced staff member who will assess the situation and will often provide solutions to solve the problem on the spot.


What services can you expect to receive from a roadside assistance service?

As we saw, often enough towing a car that broke down might be an overkill.

There are many problems that can result in your car breaking down that can be fixed on the spot, for example:


Car battery problems

If your vehicle will not start and you just realized you left your head lights on, there is a good chance your battery ran out.

Luckily, this problem is quite easy to fix, all your car needs is a boost, with some jumper cables and a working vehicle with a charged battery.

All though jump starting a car is quite easy and fast, it is best to leave such a task to someone experienced for several reasons.

First of all, it is important to detect correctly that the car battery is in fact the problem, and only an experienced professional will be able to know for sure.

In addition, jumpstarting a vehicle the wrong way can be extremely dangerous. If the jumper cables are hoked on backwards the battery might explode.

Such an explosion can cause severe damage to the vehicles, and even worse, can result in serious permanent injuries, burns, tissue disfiguration and even blindness. By calling a professional roadside assistance service you will be able to avoid such unnecessary risks.

Another advantage in calling a roadside assistance service when experiencing possible battery problems is that in the case that the battery is damaged and no longer can be charged a roadside assistance representative will be able to replace the battery with a new one and save you valuable time.


Tire replacement

As oppose to car battery problems, flat tires are rather easy to spot. Though most of know how to replace a flat tire, in some cases a roadside assistance service might come in handy.

The reason for this is that in some cases we might get a few flat tires, all at once and most cars only carry one spare tire.

In other cases, some people might forget to replace a spare tire they already used in a previous incident, or simply prefer not to get their hands dirty for various reasons. In such cases, calling a roadside assistance company will be good idea.


Fuel Top ups

For some people it seems impossible to get stuck without fuel, but for others it can happen due to various reasons, a faulty fuel gauge, incorrect assessment of the distance remaining, or simply forgetting.

For such frustrating situations it is good to know that a roadside assistance service can provide you with small amounts of gas so you will be able to drive your car to the nearest gas station and pump it up.


Why call a local roadside assistance service?

There are many roadside assistance companies, and a few of the bigger ones provide service in several different states.

Even though it sounds convenient to call the same number whether you are in up state New York or Arizona, by calling a local company you will enjoy a higher service service experience.

Besides the fact that most chances are that the local company will have a representative closer to the location your car broke down, such accompany will Know the area better and will be able to take the fastest route to your location, taking in consideration factors such as local traffic lights, construction sites and potential traffic jams.

All this local knowledge will ensure that you get the aid you need with minimum wating. In the area of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County for example, 954 JunkCar has been providing roadside assistance services for the last 15 years.

If your vehicle will break down in those areas, you can rest assure that by calling them you will be back on the road in no time.

Local roadside assistance services often provide towing services as well. It is a good idea calling such a company since if the car does in fact needs to be worked on in a garage, you will save valuable time. 954 JunkCar for inctence, provides professional towing services as well and has many years of experience in the area.

954 JunkCar roadside assistance can help you out in a lot of challenging situations, when you have car battery problems, flat tires, run out of gas, or, when all else fails, tow your car to the closest garage.

For the last 15 years 954 JunkCar provided Fort Lauderdale and Broward County areas with quality roadside assistance and towing services. If you have car problems, 954 JunkCar are here for you.


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