Junk car without title

If you ever had a junk car you wanted to get rid of, you might know finding a buyer to purchase an old faulty vehicle is not such an easy task. If this old junk car does not have a title of ownership, you should contact a company that buy junk car without title.

However, it is important to know that it can be done. The following article will explain the difficulties of selling a vehicle without a title and walk you through the various ways you can get rid of such a vehicle.


Junk Car Without Title – The difficulties of selling it

We all know the reasons that make selling a junk vehicle difficult, unless you are facing an experienced cars repair man, the average buyer will prefer to purchase a well functioning car that will not require him to spend extra time and money in various auto repair shops.

As for why potential buyers are reluctant when it comes to purchasing cars with out a title of ownership, there are several reasons:


The car in question might be stolen

If there is no proof of ownership, this might be a sign that the individual selling the car is not the true owner of the vehicle he is trying to sell.


The car in question is with a lien

This means that though the seller is the legal owner of the car, he is not the sole owner.


How to sell a car with out a title

In order to sell a car without a title you will need to ensure your buyer he is not taking any unnecessary risks. You can do so by:


Completing the transaction with a proper bill of sale

Filling out a bill of sale is without doubt an important and crucial part in any car transaction, but when the car in question is without a title, this part is even more important.

The bill of sale will include the sale details such as the vin number, the car type, the car milage and the price the two parties agreed upon.

In addition, the bill of sale will include all the personal information the two parties. This means the full name, addresss and the phone number of the buyers and the seller.


Obtaining a replacement car title

At the DMV the car should be registered under your name. this means you can file a request to get a replacement title of ownership instead of the missing original title.

It should be mentioned that this process might be timely and take up to several weeks.

If the information in the request is incorrect there might be further delayed. This is why if you intend to sell your car it is important to file the request as soon as possible.


Find the original title of ownership

If you yourself received the vehicle with no title ownership, it might still be in the hand of the previous owner.

To find it, use the car’s vin to locate the car’s history report online.

This report should include the contact information of the previous owner which might be still holding the original title or might be able to help you find it.


Get the buyer to issue an surety title bond

in some states it is possible to get a surety title. If your potential buyer is worried and reluctant to purchase a vehicle with no title of ownership, this is a solution that can give him financial security and minimize any possible risk.


An easier faster option to sell a car with no title of ownership

As you saw in the previous segments, it is quite clear that there are many ways to sell a car without a title of ownership.

However, when the car in question is a faulty old junk car and there is no title of ownership, the pool of potential buyers is quite small and there for, the task of getting rid of such car might take substantial time and effort.

Luckily, there is another option that will save you valuable time and effort and it is to sell the vehicle to a junkyard.

Such junkyards buy old rusty vehicles and take them apart in order to use the various parts as replacement parts. Alternatively, the car can be used as scrap metal.

All though you might think you will get merely pennies when selling your car to such an establishment, there are many companies who pay top dollar on such vehicles.

954 JunkCar for example, is known around the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County area for their excellent fair prices.

In addition, many times such services require a minimal amount of time and effort on behalf of the seller.

Fort Lauderdale and Broward County’s 954 JunkCar, requires no amount of effort at all since they are:


Available 24/7 all year round

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Satisfaction guaranteed

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This means that if you live in the Fort Lauderdale area or in the Broward County area and want to get rid of an old faulty vehicle but do not have the time and the patients to go through the difficult task of finding a willing buyer, call 954 JunkCar and get rid of your car today.

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