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954 Junk Car - Sell Your Junk Car in Coral Springs for Cash and Get it Towed for Free.

If you have an old, unwanted car on your hands in Coral Springs that you want to sell, call 954 Junk Car. Whether it be working or non-working, we accept all vehicles and pay top dollar for them in cash – on the spot! We will even tow the vehicle out off of your property for free if needed. There is no car that we will not take and no deal in Coral Springs better than ours. Not only do we buy junk cars, but we all purchase…
  • Junk SUVs
  • Junk Motorcycles
  • Junk Vans
  • Junk Buses
  • Junk Scooters
At 954 Junk Car, we buy unwanted automobiles for what their worth and put cash in people’s pockets.


We are a Respected Junk Car Buying Company in Coral Springs.

For over fifteen years, 954 Junk Car has been the leading junk car buyers and towers in Coral Springs. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, reliability, and expertise. We are committed to helping people finding solutions to their junk car problems, being quick to arrive where we are requested, and making the transfer of ownership easy. We handle all title and insurance transfers to make it even more convenient for you to get that junk car off of your property.


Emergency Towing Service Available in Coral Springs

At 954 Junk Car, we are available every hour of the day, every day of the week to provide emergency roadside and towing assistance to customers in the Coral Springs community. So even if you are not ready yet to sell that junk car in your lawn, we can atleast help you tow it to an auto body repair shop to get it checked out. 


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