Americans love their cars and sometimes get very attached to them. Some people even have pet names for our cars. When you stop to think about how important automobiles are to our daily lives and how much time we spend in them, this isn’t all that surprising. So it’s only natural to be curious about what happens to your car after it leaves your hands.

So, what does happen to a car after it’s junked?

New Life for Old Vehicles

Some of you will be happy to know your car isn’t automatically relegated to the scrap heap to sit and rust away for years when you junk it. Whether you sell it to a junk car removal company in sunrise or to a junkyard directly, it will probably end up in the same place – either sold for parts and/or recycled.

Using the Car For Parts

Junk and salvage yards can dismantle a vehicle and sell it for parts. Commonly re-used parts are engines, transmissions, doors and bumpers. Some parts, such as alternators, water pumps and clutches, can be rebuilt and then re-used. Whatever cannot be re-used is recycled.

Automotive Recycling

Recycling comes to mind whenever it is time to think about where your car goes after you junk it. After all, the amount of metal used in automobiles makes recycling a natural disposal solution. You may be surprised to know that automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world! We’ve actually become very good at recycling our automobiles – 95% of retired autos are processed for recycling every year, making automotive recycling the 16th largest industry in the United States.

It’s not just the metal that gets recycled, either. Non-metal materials that can be recycled include: floor mats, upholstery, instrument panels and plastics, tires, batteries and many fluids. Automakers have found innovative uses for nearly every part of an old car. Floor mats become engine fan modules; tires become foot pedals or backing on floor mats; metals are used in building construction and are often made into flashlight or camera batteries.

So don’t feel too bad for your old car when you junk it. There’s a good chance it will live on in a new form, and you can ease any guilt you have about the environmental impact of junking your car.

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